Adult Art Workshop

An afternoon painting workshop with the artist is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, July 26, from 2-5pm.  The fee is $60.   Location of the workshop will take place at E. L. Roberson Center, 305 W Baker Street Tarboro, NC  Registration is required.

Traditional Oil Painting with a Limited Palette / Old Master Copies

In this workshop, students may bring a reproduction of a painting from art history to copy. Using a limited palette of oil colors (yellow ochre, mars, ivory or chromatic black, titanium white, ultramarine blue and venetian red), Mr. Brooks will guide students as they study form, light, composition, and harmonious arrangement by making copies from masterworks. Emphasis is placed on creating harmonious effects and learning how painters solve problems. Students will learn to translate what they see into well-organized masses and well-seen value.

As one of the most sought-after young Tonalist painters in the country, Mr. Brooks is widely known for his evocative, atmospheric paintings. He has exhibited with many notable venues across the country, including the Spartanburg Museum Of Art (SC), The Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences (NC), Horizon Fine Art (WY), Lee Hansley Gallery (NC), and I. Pinckney Simons Gallery (SC).  

Saturday, July 26th. 2-5pm 

Fee: $60 per Student for 3 Hour Lesson


Charles Philip Brooks: Oil Painting Materials List

1. A Good Quality Reproduction of a Painting you want to copy

2. Easel with clamp to secure a canvas vertically (*and a Second Display Easel on which to mount the image from which you are copying*) 

3. A piece of canvas the same size as the image you want to copy / Several 11″ X 14″ and 12″ X 16″ canvas panels or stretched canvases

4. Hand-held palette: wood, paper, or plexiglass 

5. Bristle brushes in various sizes, especially flats and filbert shaped 

6. Linseed oil or pale drying oil 

7. A palette cup for oil and a palette cup for solvent 

8. Solvent (turpentine or turpentine substitute for cleaning brushes)

9. Paper Towels and small bag for trash

10.Oil paints in the following colors: (1 tube of each ) (Rembrandt or Gamblin brand *Recommended by instructor*) palette of oil colors (yellow ochre, mars, ivory or chromatic black, titanium white, ultramarine blue and venetian red)

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